Our global brands handpicked for our beautiful brides

Blanco Bridal Couture Collections

Carefully selected global brands and dresses ensuring our brides look and feel like the beautiful bride she is.  Customised and altered to your specifications ensures both the perfect fit and your personal touches added with perfection.

Our Collection

↓ Olya Mak

Founded in 2015 and since the first day has been working hard to hone its skills to get an unsurpassed result of its production.

↑ Ria Tener

Ria Tener is a brand  of designer wedding dresses that make you feel special on your very big day.

↓ Elly Haute Couture

The only designer of the brand – Elena – since her childhood she was convinced that her calling was fashion. She always dreamed of creating her own, unique models, embodying in them her special vision of beauty.

↑ Blanco X Global

Featuring the best of various global brands. Specially selected dresses showcasing the very best dresses in the world handpicked for our brides.